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The Zebra Foundation for Zoological Education invites applications from individual vets and vet students to undertake research projects that will further their skills and knowledge of zoo and wildlife health.



The Foundation awards grants according to the Trustees’ assessment of the project’s contribution to the applicant’s zoological education and the field of zoological medicine in general. For more information on the sorts of projects that qualify for funding see below.

It is the trustees’ policy not to fund any one project completely but by providing grants to help attract further funding from other bodies. Grants are awarded according to merit and range in the order of £100-£1000.

Applications are considered twice a year in December and June. Applications must be made using the application form below and by email to the Applications Secretary no later than 30th September  / 31st March of the year in which the project is to take place.

Applicants will usually hear whether their application has been successful or not by the end of December / June. Applicants will receive email notification of receipt within a month of submission. If you have not heard back within this time, please contact the Applications Secretary.

The Foundation does not fund projects after their completion date and so applicants are encouraged to apply in good time.

More Information

This section provides information on the sorts of projects that qualify for funding and those that do not.

We also give reporting requirements for successful grantees.

Examples of projects we have funded in the past can be found here.

Projects qualifying for funding:

  • Seeing practice at an institution specializing in zoological medicine providing the applicant undertakes a written project during this time. (examples might include morbidity/mortality study or case review)/

  • Research projects (laboratory, field or clinic-based) leading to advances in zoological medicine and/or training of the applicant in a relevant discipline.

If applicants are unsure if their project qualifies they should contact the Applications Secretary.

Projects that do not qualify:

  • Seeing practice where no specific project is undertaken.

  • MSc/ PhD course fees.

  • Attendance at wildlife captures courses.

  • Conference attendance.

  • Applicants judged already established in the field of zoological medicine.

  • Applicants who are not vets or vet students.

If applicants are unsure if their project qualifies they should contact the Applications Secretary.

If you get awarded a grant...

The recipient of a ZEBRA Foundation award is required to submit, within 3 months of their stated project completion date, an electronic copy of their project and a précis (1-2 sides of A4 + illustrations to be submitted for publication in the BVZS Bulletin) Both documents should be emailed to the Applications Secretary.

The Zebra Foundation encourages recipients to publish in peer-reviewed journals. The Foundation also reserves the right to publish the précis of the report and will lodge a hard copy of the report in the RCVS library, EAZWV and BVZS publications. Applicants will also be encouraged to present their work at EAZWV and BVZS meetings.
If the project does not take place, the applicant will be required to return the award in full to the Foundation.


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